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City Wide Fashion Photography

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Fashion is an art and an elegancy that combines beauty, clothing, lifestyle, expression and diversity. Here at City Wide Studio Photography our job is to capture all of these concepts and put them all into one image. Our portraiture embodies passion, emotion, and style while keeping the integrity of the needs of the client. With years of experience in the industry we understand our clients needs and perspectives they are looking to get. Please contact for a free consultation and pricing. 




Fashion Photographer

Dominik Keilbasa

        "Fashion Photography is capturing a persons expression of their personality"

Glamour Package:                          Style Package:                           Express Package:

$250 Five Professional Portraits                $350  Seven Professional Portraits                  $400 Ten Professional Portraits

                                                                          All Fashion Portraits include:

  • No time Limit photo shoots,  Expert Posing, Wardrobe changes,  All portraits are in hi res,  Free consultation



Please call for more price packages and prices regarding your specific type of photo shoot. 

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