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Why is getting a Linkedin Headshot so important? 

  • First impressions are everything for your career

  • Employers or recruiters will look at your linkedin page for upcoming job postings

  • Have a very professional online presence

  • People will remember you by your linkedin headshot

  • Create a personal brand for yourself on Linkedin

  • Have consistency with your Linkedin Headshot and your social media platforms

  • Having a Linkedin Headshot creates a personal appeal for employers to see

  • Studies show you are 40 times more likely to receive job opportunities with a Linkedin headshot than without one

Linkedin Prices Packages 


SILVER PACKAGE: $65 One Professional Headshot 


  • NO TIME LIMIT for the photo shoot.

  • Free consultation

  • Two wardrobe changes

  • One professionally hi res. edited headshot image.

  • Expert posing direction and guidance.

  • 50 to 200 proofs taken during the photo shoot.  

  • All images will be cropped to your specific sizes that you need (Linkedin). You will be emailed one uncropped edited headshot and any other sizes you need for website platforms

  • Turn around time is the day of, three days or a week.

  • Viewing gallery available

STAR PACKAGE: $120 Two Professional Headshots 

  • NO TIME LIMIT for the photo shoot.  

  • Free consultations prior to the photo shoot

  • Plus package one details 

  • Three wardrobe changes

  • Two hi res. professional edited headshots

If you require a specific type of package and need more then two headshots please contact us for your free consultation and quote. 


  • $25 same day delivery 

  • $50 per edited photo after two headshots

Click Link to see more prices and packages on headshots. 


"With our affordable rates and professional quality Linkedin headshots, your Linkedin profile will be looked at by more employers and you will be a step ahead of others in your field! We are experts in professional branding to make you look your best. Call or email today if you have any questions or to book an appointment. With our fast delivery time, you will be able to update your Linkedin profile quickly."

Linkedin Headshots Toronto

Downtown Toronto Photography Studio| Professional Profile Branding|Business Headshots Toronto 

Please email if you have any questions 

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